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GIRthulhu up for voting at Qwertee

GIRthulhu has had a bit of a makeover and is now up at Qwertee for votes. He is now living on a black tshirt as I had to bring the design from 6 inks down to 5 inks due to the lower limit at Qwertee.



#626 up for sale on Qwertee

Thats right folks, my #626 design is officially up for sale at Qwertee. Drop by, have a look, maybe even buy one if you really like it!



#626 will be printed at Qwertee

With my GIRthulhu tshirt up today at Shirt.Punch, I’ve had quite a few comments and queries about my Pokemon #626 design at Qwertee. Whilst the link I posted to the voting page on an earlier blog post is now dead, that does not mean that the design is long gone. It in fact means that Qwertee are getting very ready to print it. (Hooray!!) #626 will be going up for sale on Qwertee at 11pm GMT on 4th November. It will however be printed without the text, due to, I assume, copyright concerns.

I will of course post another reminder on the day for anyone that follows my blog and feels prone to forgetting 😉

Thats right, GIRthulhu is officially on sale at Shirt.Punch today! Wooooo!


Golden Lion at Threadless

The 60 days on my Golden Lion design were finally up at the end of October, so I’ve finally been able to submit it elsewhere. It went up for voting on Threadless late last night. Fingers crossed it does well; the $2000 prize fund would be very nice right now with Christmas rapidly approaching! But anyway, since I’ve never had anything up at Threadless before, Im unsure of how harsh the voting process is etc, so I genuinely have no idea what is a good score and what is a bad score. I guess Ill find out in a week or so.

You can have a look at the design here

Exciting news. My first tshirt design will be going to print at Shirt.Punch. I’m super excited by the news and its given me a huge boost in confidence. Although I don’t yet have a concrete date, its looking like it may well be November 1st, and if not, it definitely will be the end of October, beginning of November. Hooray for GIRthulhu!


Also, my Pokemon: #626 tshirt at Qwertee has now passed 500 votes. Im seriously hopeful that it will get printed now, but it may be a bit of a wait as they had a How to Train your Dragon/Pokemon crossover on Monday, and Qwertee tries to avoid printing similar tshirts too close together.

Pokemon : #626

Got another tshirt up on Qwertee today. I think this might be my favourite so far. I just desperately hope it goes to print cos I would LOVE to actually own this tshirt XD


For any who don’t get the text… Stitch is also known as Experiment #626 (in Lilo and Stitch) and all Pokemon are numbered ^_^

If you like the design a vote would be great, and, hey, some publicity/shares would also be awesome 😉

Cthulhu Tshirts!

Been doing a bit more designing, and I’ve finished another two tshirt designs. One of them I submitted to TeeFury a couple of weeks ago, the other I plan to submit later today. Really pleased with how they turned out and I just hope I can get them printed somewhere cos that would be totally awesome ^_^

So the My Little Cthulhu design is the one that has already been submitted, and the GIRthulhu will hopefully be submitted in the next few hours I think. Woooo.

Qwertee – Maybe Tshirt

So apparently on my last post about my Qwertee tshirt I failed to actually put any links in it. Derp. Anyway, feeling kind of excited because my Qwertee tshirt just passed 100 votes. Feeling very pleased with that for a first tshirt design entry on Qwertee. Doesn’t look like its going to get printed any time soon (unless reddit suddenly stumbles across it and it goes crazy viral… which, lets be honest, is pretty unlikely to happen.)

Anyway, since I didn’t link it properly last time, you can have a more successful look this time 🙂 And hey, if you like it, you can always click on that vote button 😉

This is a Crazy Tshirt, Maybe…

Yup, Im totally still going with this tshirt designing thing. This week Shirt.Woot have done something super exciting. They’ve given the artists permission to do a design using metallic gold ink. Wooooo. SHINY!! Seriously pleased with how this weeks design turned out.



If you like it, and you’ve bought something from Woot, a nice little plus one vote would be very appreciated 😉